Jhyanna Koo

Smuggler and Acolyte of Lord Wrath


Human Female about 5’ 8" with a dancers build. She is quick witted and has fast reflexes. Red/ Auburn hair usually pulled into a ponytail. Carries twin Incom 50’s in speed holsters. She wears the uniform of the Sith’Arii though she doesn’t seem to like being in command or taking charge.


Booster Blue Addiction she is working through with the help of Lord Wrath and the force.
After being healed from the severing of the force someone put on her, Lord Wrath help her remember a past experience. She now remembers when she last saw her father, it was on his ship as he was putting her and his apprentice on a life-pod as they were being chased by a group of Arc-Fighters. She saw an explosion in the distance and figured her father was killed.
She has since found out from Garm Ibilis that her father may not be dead and she saw the man he used to work for while buying the Artemis on the Wheel. A smuggler named Slade. He may have some answers to her fathers whereabouts.

Jhyanna Koo

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